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Unusual Armchairs – Esfera Armchair by Etel

unusual armchairs esfera etel 2 Unusual Armchairs – Esfera Armchair by Etel
Like a nut cracked open to reveal its tantalizingly warm, supple, irresistible center, these unusual armchairs by Brazil-based company Etel boast a hard shell with something really soft and sweet inside – leather! The Esfera armchair features a semi-spherical dome that cradles two cozy cushions to support your body’s curves where it needs them most, for the ultimate in comfort seating. Apart from its eye-catching looks, this contemporary lounge chair is also easy on the eyes with a design by Ricardo Fasanello that comes is a range of rich colors like cognac, eggplant and a cafe-au-lait tone that look as delicious as they sound. With an unusual look to complement your modern decor, these chic armchairs will become the hot-seat in your home. Check it out at .
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unusual armchairs esfera etel 3 Unusual Armchairs – Esfera Armchair by Etel



  • chris keft

    could you please get backto us in relation to these chairs location and price thankyou