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Unique Chair Designs – Eklipse chairs by BRF

brf unique chair designs eklipse Unique Chair Designs   Eklipse chairs by BRF
As for unique chair designs, BRF offers a modern range of unique chairs you’re looking for to accent your home – the Eklipse. A self-confident piece for the user to explore, this chair design is a simple yet ingenious concept. Choose the abstract, artistic form of an oval, or an accommodating armchair complete with armrests. Designs by Sylvia Colombini and Zoran Jedrejcic, Eklipse chairs push the boundaries between art and furniture. The unique shape looks stylish grouped in sociable clusters. The removable covers are available in a wide range of fabric or leather options, so why not try a grouping in different colors and textures? Contact BRF for more on the uncompromisingly modern Eklipse.
brf unique chair designs eklipse 1 Unique Chair Designs   Eklipse chairs by BRF




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