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35 Trendy Soft Beds That are Just Like Clouds

Trendy soft beds are quickly becoming a modern bedroom staple. They come in all sorts of shapes and finishes and with a varying degree of detail. They are comfy, safe, and have plenty to give decor-wise. Take a plunge, and see where you’d like to land every night.

Simply Soft

Astor bed by Silenia 900x675 35 Trendy Soft Beds That are Just Like Clouds
Astor bed by

One of the most representative designs of this new trend is Astor bed from Silenia. Its soft velvety upholstery is stuffed to create that sofa feel along with rounded shapes.

Characterized by a split headboard, imitating pillows or cushions, the bed rests on four metallic flat legs, and opens up to provide some hidden storage for bedroom.

Misty by Ditre Italia 900x675 35 Trendy Soft Beds That are Just Like Clouds
Misty by

Misty is similar but slightly less rounded. It’s also rougher to the touch thanks to microfiber upholstery. The design is, too, storage-friendly, and is available in leather.

Special mechanism allows to open it up nice and easy without even having to bend at the waist.

Zero.16 by Devina Nais
Zero.16 by

Soft, comfy, and inviting like old shoes – Zero.16 is a cool versatile leather bed that looks like an appreciable extension of your living room sofa.

You can put it in a modern interior or keep it in contemporary minimalism, it’ll look just fine, and feel even better.

Fluff bed by Bonaldo
Fluff bed by

Fluff, puff, and fuzz characterize our next contender to becoming your own personal cloud. Fluff bed from Bonaldo is as soft as they get so much so its seams rise and fall with every irregularity of the soft stuffing.

While you still toss and turn on a mattress, a soft bed frame is a great way to avoid collateral damage from midnight or early morning clumsiness around the edges.

Minimal Trendy Soft Beds

Moonito by Bolzan Letti
Moonito by

Smooth and minimal, Moonito is a perfect contemporary bed. There are no unnecessary elements, and you’ll end up sleeping high above, just like on a cloud.

It might look a bit too inflated, but if you like the playful aesthetic, you can easily style around it, and eve use it to your advantage.

Dixon bed by Ditre Italia
Dixon bed by

Dixon bed may have an unusual headboard element to it, but it’s virtually an upholstered bed frame with seemingly nothing else to give.

Ah, but there is hidden storage under the mattress, where you can keep seasonal clothes or spare linens, pillows, and blankets.

Snap bed by Novaluna
Snap bed by

Snap looks as if a sofa back was nominally attached to a bed frame upholstered with the same fabric. Pale grey gives it a noble look, though.

Beautifully simple and invitingly soft, the bed can work in multiple decorating styles and color schemes.

Cuff soft bed by Bonaldo
Cuff soft bed by

Similar to Dixon, Cuff bed from Bonaldo has that polished look to it sans unnecessary details. Its headboard features a few seams and a few details that seemingly keep upholstery intact.

It is a bit wider, though, frame-wise, and its generously-sized headboard makes the bed’s presence in the room slightly more imposing.

Flexible Headboard Style

Gala 28-S + SIDE by Schramm Werkstätten
Gala 28-S + SIDE by

Soft headboards, or at least upholstered ones, always look a level higher than all the others. Their plush softness has a tendency to somehow translate into the sense of luxury.

While most trendy soft beds have pillows for headboards, there are those that capitalize on color, fabric texture, and seaming and stitching.

Opus bed with a winged headboard by Ditre Italia
Opus bed with a winged headboard by

Opus bed from Ditre Italia, for instance, employs stitching to make for an interesting look, but it’s the wings that truly capture attention.

Even smaller wings manage to make the bed stand out in the ocean of soft pillows and tufted rectangles.

Sheen Big by Bolzan Letti
Sheen Big by

Bolzan Letti took stitching further, and came up with a cool textured pattern for a headboard in their Sheen Big bed.

The bed’s modern khaki grey upholstery promotes stylish aesthetic, and gives it an even more modern finish.

Majal bed with interesting headboard by Flou
Majal bed with interesting headboard by

When it comes to upholstered headboards, we often see tuft and stitches, but once in a while, you may discover something amazing like this Flou Majal bed with a complex headboard design.

Looking like an arrangement of soft 3D tiles, the headboard captivates, and brings more than enough detail to decorate an entire bedroom.

Tufted Trendy Soft Beds

Phuket bed by Milano Bedding
Phuket bed by

Since we touched upon both upholstered and tufted headboards, we might as well show a few such variants that still look very much contemporary.

Phuket doesn’t limit the decoration to headboard only, rendering the entire soft bed sweetly textured and patterned.

Eclectico by Ditre Italia
Eclectico by

Eclectico doubled down on the whole tufted headboard business with an oversized tufted leather headboard that greatly complements the bed.

While it may seem a tad dramatic, two floating bedside shelves justify the size of the area covered by the vast headboards.

Similandue soft bed by Orizzonti Italia
Similandue soft bed by

Similandue employs smaller tufts to create a slightly different look, which is not too dramatic but is still full of detail.

The contrast between a softer tufted headboard and a stricter frame adds another dimension to the design.

Vittoria soft bed by EmmeBi
Vittoria soft bed by

When it comes to stuffed beds, they often feel like oversized bean bags. A cool headboard can change that perception, however. It doesn’t have to be too fancy.

Vittoria bed utilizes a classic tufting technique to make the comfy bed stand out and look a bit more sophisticated.

Soft Platform Beds

Squaring by Bonaldo
Squaring by

Platform bed frames aren’t exactly accident-proof, but when there’s plenty plush stuffing around to keep your knees safe, they become as harmless as a young puppy.

Soft frames are actually best suited for platform designs, because they make for an interesting look, and cause no damage.

Kurtis bed by CorteZari
Kurtis bed by

Kurtis is a futuristic version of a platform bed that you can easily imagine in some sort of a spacecraft. From the looks of it, the bed frame is taut, but rounded leather shapes render it completely smooth. You shall find no sharp corners here.

Sectioned design and peculiar metallic legs further promote the futuristic aesthetic. But if you want, you can also have it finished off with white leather.

Nuba by MisuraEmme
Nuba by

Nuba is also a product of futuristic style. This one’s sleek and elegant, but not as wide as Squaring.

Available with a storage compartment Nuba is upholstered in white thick leather, and its headboard looks like a back of a designer lounge chair.

Martin by Dolfi
Martin by

While Martin stuns with a huge winged headboard, its platform frame is of no less interest to us. Unlike most square platforms that often appear levitating, this one has a trapezoid frame.

You wouldn’t dream to have this made of wood because of all the sharp corners, but an upholstered soft version looks amazing and safe.

Color Advantage

Latus soft bed frame by Hülsta-Werke Hüls
Latus soft bed frame by

Besides ridding you from sharp angles and cold frames, trendy soft beds have another great advantage over those made of other materials – color.

Since fabrics come in a dizzying number of hues that all look different depending on fabric texture, you can really go further with your bedroom design.

Fun Tiffany bed by Felis
Fun Tiffany bed by

Have you seen more marshmallow-like furniture? Tiffany bed from Felis is going to quite literally sweeten your slumber with gentle pastels and a textured frame.

Its basket weave headboard pattern brings a whole different level of style to headboard design. And we love its stitched frame, that looks like it’s been made out of softest of blankets.

Beautiful emerald green Opuss II bed by Hülsta-Werke Hüls
Beautiful emerald green Opus II bed by

Opus II is a great example of taking your bedroom decor to a whole different level. Gorgeous emerald green seems like a perfect crowning jewel for any modern bedroom.

There is nothing more beautiful and luxurious than jewel-toned velvet. Throw in a few golden brass accents to complete your perfect piece of decor.

Dedalo bed by Desiree
Dedalo bed by

Seafoam green is this beautiful mix between teal and green. It is one of the trendiest colors in design. Here is a soft bed frame that can make you think you’re drifting in the sea, if you prefer it to clouds.

Oddly-Shaped Trendy Soft Beds

Nest bed by Orizzonti Italia
Nest bed by

Softness is not a problem for modern bed frames. They can hold almost any form, and that can be anything from a standard bed frame to an oddly-shaped design.

Nest seems to be a more conceptual name than literal one, but it definitely stands out from the assortment of classic bed shapes.

Derek by Meridiani
Derek by

Derek is a no ordinary bed frame, as it has a long pillow roll in place where its headboard should be. An upholstered frame looks simply like a fitting match.

It’s an unusual shape for any bed. Thanks to its laconic but attractive aesthetic it’s perfect for creating that hotel look.

Trama Liscio by Pianca
Trama Liscio by

Trama is one of the more unusual trendy soft beds thanks to its shape. Its headboard is unlike the most, featuring protruding angles at each side.

Modest in color, it looks to bring an unusual silhouette to the contemporary minimal black and white bedroom.

Supersoft by Calligaris
Supersoft by

Supersoft by Calligaris is a super contemporary design without too many demands. It fits well with the modern sensibilities, and comes in best colors.

Dramatically Soft

Grandangolo velvet bed by Ditre Italia
Grandangolo velvet bed by

There is no lack of dramatic beds out there, but when it comes to trendy soft beds, there is plenty of flamboyance to wade through.

Grandangolo is just one example and more toned down at that. Believe us when we say that it’s relatively simple compared to some other designs.

Kubrick upholstered bed by Fratelli Longhi
Kubrick upholstered bed by

Kubrick looks like a posh addition to the bedroom with high ceilings and windows. Its headboard alone will take up almost half of the wall in a regular home.

Elegantly stitched headboard looks not only beautiful but also quite unique thanks to the way it continues into the frame.

Charme bed by Fratelli Longhi
Charme bed by

Speaking of frames, here’s the one that won’t stand in one line with the wall. Charme has both its sides slightly bent, and the formed wings is what gives this partially tufted velvet beauty its spark.

Stitched Out of Fluff

Nido bed by Bolzan Letti
Nido bed by

Nido is another endeavor from Bolzan Letti to use stitching to create a beautiful fabric pattern. This successful design is even more stylish than the previous one.

Soft leather body twists and turns at the headboard to become a cool detailed design element.

Pinch upholstered bed by Flou
Pinch upholstered bed by

Aptly named Pinch, comes with delicate stitching that resembles unfinished work of a seamstress, held by invisible pins.

Subtle and elegant, this one looks particularly agreeable with the modernist aesthetic, which you can contemporize with just a few sleek accents.

Dunn bed by Ditre Italia
Dunn bed by

Sweet and alluring as a toffee bar, Dunn bed uses stitching to create plush sections in the frame in order to accentuate its softness.

Even the headboard gets same treatment, and ends up looking split in the middle, ready to give in to a bite.

Quilted Patrick by Felis
Quilted Patrick by

Quilted variants aren’t too widespread among trendy soft beds, but this particular design deserves a looksy, because of how simply cozy and bedroom-y it looks.

Trendy soft beds are a cool way to kid-proof your bedroom or simply capitalize on the many decorative properties of various fabrics.



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