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Superhouse Concept by Magnus Strom is Modern Lap of Luxury

Superhouse, by , truly is the lap of luxury. Especially the pool – look at the size of that pool! In fact, that’s kind of the point. Superhouses grew out of the concept of superyachts. If there could be superyachts, why not superhouses? The concept is to create the most contemporary and beautiful bespoke home possible. Strom Architects will build it anywhere for you – your call. And one more thing. While each house is individual to the purchasers’ choices and desires and in itself a limited edition by being customized, the entire concept of Superhouses is a limited edition. Only 30 will be built around the world. Where will you put yours?

superhouse by agnus strom pool thumb 630xauto 57532 Superhouse Concept by Magnus Strom is Modern Lap of Luxury

Everyone in the (super) pool!

superhouse by agnus strom living thumb 630xauto 57534 Superhouse Concept by Magnus Strom is Modern Lap of Luxury

The staircase is just stunning!


The circular theme continues.


A view to your own private dock.


What a bathtub view. Dom anyone?


This pool has laps – and laps – of luxury.


Looking back from your own private dock.


Remember, you can put your Superhouse anywhere in the world your heart desires. And you can design anything you want into it. The architects will work hand in hand with you. The only thing that’s not neogotiable? When it’s finished, it will indeed be super.
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