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Stylish Bedroom Designs You’ve Never Dreamed Of

Stylish bedroom designs are all about a well-chosen color scheme. And while furnishings can certainly make it appear more well-designed, its canvas – the background – sets the tone for it all. This choice can be difficult, but once you’re settled on the hues, the rest is a matter of layering up.

Dark Contemporary

White works wonders both on its own as well as with other colors – dark, neutral, or bright. Modern designers like to create dynamic with a contrast between white and usually dramatic dark shades of grey, black, and navy. It works amazingly well, and requires little help from other decorations.

 Stylish Bedroom Designs Youve Never Dreamed Of
Modern dark bedroom by
Residence in Tbilisi by Yodezeen Designs 900x1269 Stylish Bedroom Designs Youve Never Dreamed Of
Residence in Tbilisi by
Dark stylish bedroom design
Dark stylish bedroom design via
Absolutely stunning dark bedroom
Absolutely stunning dark bedroom via
Dramatic style by Tobi Fairley
Dramatic style by
A Traveller's Home bedroom
A stylish masculine bedroom by and

There’s a lot of drama in dark color alone, so you really don’t need much to pull off the stylish sombre look. Though velvet upholstered bed frames and fur throws do help.

You have to balance dark shades and light tones so that the room doesn’t look too dark and boxy or indecisive.

Pale Serenity

Stylish bedroom designs often come in one color or a monochromatic color scheme. It looks good. There is simply no way around it. White walls amplified by daylight invite all kinds of design solutions from bold contrasts to gentle neutrality.

Bedroom by three birds renovations
Bedroom by
Stylish white bedroom
Stylish white bedroom via
Romantic bedroom design by Blackband Design
Romantic bedroom design by
Feminine bedroom design by Susie HerrSusie Herr
Feminine bedroom design by
Gardens Cape Town by Grobler Architects
Gardens Cape Town by
Tasteful bedroom by Kelly Sutton
Tasteful bedroom by

All of these rooms have one thing in common – plenty of daylight. A boxed-in white bedroom sans windows may often look a bit hospital-like.

You can really work on a blank canvas. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience decorating, a white room is easier to turn into something stylish.

Grey Area

Grey is another easy color to work with. It is important not to overdo it, but there is a big chance of success with a monochromatic grey color scheme. Balancing it out with white is simple and easy, and black only punctuates the fluidity of this stylish neutral hue.

Montee Karp Residence by Patrick Tighe Architecture
Montee Karp Residence by
Dark grey bedroom by Linie Design
Dark grey bedroom rug by
Absolutely cool bedroom by Decor Aid
Absolutely cool bedroom by
Elegant bedroom by D2 Interieurs
Elegant bedroom by
Romantic bedroom by Ann Lowengart
Romantic bedroom by

There are a lot of ways to use grey in bedroom design. There is a popular choice in an upholstered bed frame, but you can go further to make it more interesting.

Ann Lowengart picked a great wallpaper design to accentuate an entry wall, which in itself is unexpected and fresh.

Bright Accents

Most stylish bedroom designs don’t avoid color completely. There are always a few accents in view, but utilizing color power is only rational, if you prefer the energizing look in place of a soothing atmosphere. Punchy hues can bring plenty of character and style to the interior, you just have to figure out what works best for your design.

Contemporary bright bedroom by Widawscy Studio Architektury
Contemporary bright bedroom by
Bedroom by Consort Design
Bedroom by
Dramatic double headboard in a bedroom by Andrea Schumacher
Dramatic double headboard in a bedroom by
Fashionable bedroom design
Fashionable bedroom design via
Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
Colorful accents in bedroom

Bright stools, end benches, armchairs, and poufs have the most favorable look when done in brights. Upholstery texture adds depth to those colors, preventing blandness and flatness.

Printed rugs and bed linens, on the other hand, are more dynamic and playful. They aren’t as expensive, and can give you ideas for more cool accents.

Stylish Bedroom Designs in Eclectic Style

Eclectic style is very popular right now, as enthusiasm for home decor skyrockets. It’s a perfect solution, when you don’t know which style to choose or simply don’t want to make that choice. Contemporary elements mix very well with Art Deco, Moroccan, and rustic styles.

Cool bedroom decor
Cool bedroom decor by
Eclectic bedroom by Marie Flanigan Interiors
Eclectic bedroom by
Dramatic dark bedroom by BAM Design Lab
Dramatic dark bedroom by
Mix of traditionalism and modernity in bedroom by Sarah Richardson
Mix of traditionalism and modernity in bedroom by
Posh look by Wick Design
Posh look by
Stylish contrasts by Sway Stud
Stylish contrasts by

Modernism looks updated and fresh with contemporary elements in the picture. There is no wrong combination of style, there may only be the wrong combination of things, colors.

Neoclassical style demonstrated by BAM Design Lab is a perfect compromise between old decorating traditions and contemporary ones.

Stylish Color Play

Color play doesn’t have to be super contrasting. It can mild but stylish still. Muted brights and faded dark shades look like a match made in heaven. Equally, muted brights and pale neutrals is a whole other venue for you to play in.

Play of color in bedroom by Amy Elbaum
Play of color in bedroom by
Neutral elegance by Tiffany LeBlanc
Neutral elegance by
Light-filled bedroom by Brian Patrick Flynn
Light-filled bedroom by
Pale but colorful bedroom by Rethink Design Studio
Pale but colorful bedroom by
Stylish small bedroom with a high ceiling
Stylish small bedroom with a high ceiling via
Pure elegance in a bedroom by Chango and Co.
Pure elegance in a bedroom by

The main perk of the contrasting muted brights is that they can extend around a room, and not overwhelm it. You can also throw in stronger accents there.

Neutrals can often seem boring, but with the colors of slightly stronger intensity, they may shine like you’ve never expected.

Focal Points

A bedroom is one big focal point. Since it often only has a bed and a nightstand, bedroom doesn’t get a proper focal point in the room. Change that up by opting for a strong focal point like a headboard or a cool bed frame.

Canopy bed as a focal point in a bedroom by Claire Paquin
Canopy bed as a focal point in a bedroom by
Bedroom feature wall lights by InArch
Bedroom feature wall lights by
Bedroom design by Brian Patrick Flynn
Bedroom design by
Wallpaper-ed feature wall by Claire Staszak
Wallpaper-ed feature wall by
Exotic bedroom design by Hyde Evans Design
Exotic bedroom design by
Monochromatic bedroom by Judith Balis
Monochromatic bedroom by

It can also be a painting, a feature wall, or a window, but there better be something, if you want your design to shine.

The easiest way is, of course, painting the feature wall, but there are many other solutions like the one by InArch, for example.

Stylish Bedroom Designs

There is a lot to learn from modern bedroom designs. They are all about amplifying your bedroom’s advantages, and minimizing downsides. Got exposed brick walls? Paint them to give them more pop. Low ceiling? Forget chandeliers, and opt for a ceiling fan.

Industrial bedroom by Justin DiPiero
Industrial bedroom by
Industrial master bedroom
Industrial master bedroom via
Modest but elegant bedroom design by Lindsay Chambers
Modest but elegant bedroom design by
Contemporary modern bedroom by Brown Design Group
Contemporary modern bedroom by
Fashion accents in bedroom by Caitlin McCarthy Designs
Fashion accents in bedroom by

Simplicity is one of the latest trends we love in bedroom design, so no need to sweat over the budget on this one.

Stylish bedroom designs can look really different. Scandinavian simplicity is just as impressive as luxurious fashion centrism, if done correctly.




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