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Recycled Wood Chairs from Particleboard by Samarreda

samarreda recycled wood chairs 1 Recycled Wood Chairs from Particleboard by Samarreda
Keeping with the “sustainable” trend, these ultra-modern recycled wood chairs by Samarreda are made from particleboard and are the latest must-haves for the eco-conscious consumer. The Fima chair was designed by Philip Mambretti with a focus on recycled materials, product longevity and minimal consumption during the production process, which coincidentally not only makes these recycled wood chairs “green” in the interest of the environment, but also for your wallet by allowing for competitively priced pieces. Aesthetically speaking, this unusual chair is perfectly on point with the trends, which are leading us into a more artistic and abstract yet fully functional place when it comes to furniture. Check out these cool particleboard chairs by Samarreda.

samarreda recycled wood chairs 2 Recycled Wood Chairs from Particleboard by Samarreda



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