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Hammered Copper Pedestal Sink from Westbrass

westbrass hammered copper pedestal sink Hammered Copper Pedestal Sink from Westbrass
The iconic is suitable for a transitional interior that puts the focus firmly on individual, unique pieces of furniture or, following the latest trend, use it to mix and match in a more modern design space. A surprising design with a nostalgic allure, this pedestal sink is sure to be a center of attention. Hammered Copper is an intriguing choice of material, and it brings a touch of appreciation of the raw elements of nature to your bathroom decor. The rich color of the seamless, extra-heavy gauge copper provides a welcome contrast to typical bathroom furniture. In addition to its good looks, pure copper possesses an inherent anti-microbial safety which will help to keep your bathroom sanitary. For an exclusive expression of your personality, try the Hammered Copper Pedestal Sink from .




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