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Contemporary Kids Room Designs That are Cool and Stylish

Kids rooms are often garish and all over the place in terms of design. Contemporary approach eliminates unnecessary elements, details, and colors to render the space stylish yet kid-friendly. If you’re tired of kids room ideas that are too old-fashioned and prone to the state of unkempt, here are a few contemporary kids room designs that will help you get inspired for a kids space that is cool and sophisticated.

Contemporary & Neutral

When it’s time to design a kids room, many feel like bright colors are in order. Do not fall into the same design trap. You absolutely can use muted pastels, faded brights, or even simple neutrals, if you want to. Kids who are older will especially appreciate calmer color schemes that can include such trendy hues as sky blue, salmon, mint, and asphalt grey. Chartreuse is a great accent color for black and white rooms, while natural wood looks good in any style.

 Contemporary Kids Room Designs That are Cool and Stylish
Reserved kids room by
Stylish girls room 900x900 Contemporary Kids Room Designs That are Cool and Stylish
Stylish girls room via
Sea Shell Residence kids room
Sea Shell Residence kids room by
Cool kids room
Cool kids room by
Kids bedroom in a contemporary apartment
Kids bedroom in a contemporary apartment via
Spacious kids room
Spacious kids room via

The beauty of neutral kids rooms is that you can change decor year after year, and it will easily fit with the walls every time, so the room can ‘grow’ with your child.

Monochromatic room designs may feel too grown up, but it’s nothing a few bright accents can’t fix. Graphic prints and patterns are another way of making your neutral kids room look more interesting.

Cool & Bright

If you still want to use brights, there are a lot of different ways to do it. Painting a ceiling or a feature wall a bold shade of red or green is the latest trend. It makes it easier to decide on an accent color, and coordinate accessories. White is the best balancing color, as usual, but it also allows to easily introduce contrasting details or patterns.

Kids room in a Kudu House by B Design Home
Kids room in a Kudu House by
DKOR Interiors' bright kids room
‘ bright kids room
Bright kids room idea by Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design
Bright kids room idea by
Bright boys room by Brian Patrick Flynn
Bright boys room by

Brights alone may look rather plain. Patterns and prints make them much more dynamic and eye-catchy. Consider bright patterned wallpaper for your kids room or incorporate a graphic rug into the design.

Sophisticated Contemporary Kids Room Designs

Sophisticated kids room may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s really not. Nothing really stops you from choosing sophisticated neutrals and elegant furniture in place of car-shaped beds and bean bag chairs. Even bright colors can look quite elegant, if you treat your kids room as a bedroom rather than a playroom.

Contemporary kids room design
Contemporary kids room design by
Girl's room by Amy Elbaum
Girl’s room by
Feminine kids bedroom by Kendall Simmons
Feminine kids bedroom by
Girl's room by Amy Elbaum
Girl’s room by

By the way, using bright furniture and accessories makes for a much more sophisticated look than simply painting the walls. Neutral wallpaper brings with it the refinement that kids rooms often lack.

Suitable window treatments can help you put a finishing touch to your sophisticated kids room, while poufs and hanging chairs can replace the bean bags.

Shared Contemporary Kids Room Designs

Don’t let the bunk beds fool you – shared kids rooms can too look stylish and contemporarily sleek. All you need is enough space. From there, you can draw almost any floor plan with lofts and bunks, play areas and study zones.

Simple shared kids bedroom Linc Thelen Design
Simple shared kids bedroom
Mothersill shared kids bedroom
Mothersill shared kids bedroom by
Shared kids bedroom by Ann Lowengart
Shared kids bedroom by
Built-in bunk beds
Built-in bunk beds by
Kids room by Tamara Eaton
Kids room by
Super stylish shared kids room by Little Crown Interiors
Super stylish shared kids room by

One of the perks of the loft and bunk beds is that they leave more floor space for play. But if you have a separate room for that, you can decorate the bedroom with single beds, giving each child his or her own individual zone.

Fun Playroom Ideas

Contemporary playrooms are often combined with storage. It is a practical solution and not only for limitless toys that clutter the house but also all kinds of seasonal clothes and various sports gear. Modern play area ideas include teepees, mock castles, ships, and other exciting shapes and forms that can also be functional as beds and reading nooks.

Modern kids room
Modern kids room by
The Wouwermanstraat Residence kids room
kids room
Fun kids room design by Chango and Co.
Fun kids room design by
Kids room with a loft by Linc Thelen Design
Kids room with a loft by
Shared kids bedroom by Chango and Co.
Shared kids bedroom by
Shared kids rooms in The Saint Martin Residence
Shared kids rooms in
Kids room by Chango and Co.
Kids room by

A playroom for older kids may look like a music or art studio equipped for creativity, and decorated with inspiring wall art and decor.

Cool Girls and Boys Room Designs

Teen girl’s and boy’s rooms can be a challenge to design, but you can also draw inspiration from your child’s interests and tastes, which can at least give you the idea where to start. You can also  take into account their hobbies and studies to fill the room with useful solutions.

Spacious girl's room by Claire Paquin
Spacious girl’s room by
Colorful kids bedroom
Colorful kids bedroom via
Minimal kids room by Kara Thomas
Minimal kids room by
Stylish wood-clad kids room
Stylish wood-clad kids room by
Clever kids room by Eisner Design
Clever kids room by
Kids room with a view
Kids room with a view by

If you’re keeping your entire home in one style, all you could do is add a bit more personality to your teen’s room. It could be anything from the color scheme to a custom built bed or wall art.

Schulberg Demkiw Architects built one of the most unique contemporary kids room designs we’ve ever seen. Clad entirely in wood, it has a lighting feature that makes any other luminaire grow dim in comparison.

Small Contemporary Kids Room Designs

Small kids rooms can be as bright and dynamic. Just make sure to add a few reflective surfaces to make it appear bigger. This is also where loft and bunk beds as well as high platform beds can be used to save floor space.

Bright kids room by Kress Jack
Bright kids room by
Colorful nursery
Colorful nursery via
Dapper kids room by Karen Wolf
Dapper kids room by
Stylish monochromatic kids room by Sissy + Marley
Stylish monochromatic kids room by
Bright design by Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design
Bright design by
Contemporary kids room by Sam Henderson
Contemporary kids room by

A small room doesn’t have to be boringly neutral. You can leave it mostly white, but a few exciting accents won’t turn it instantly claustrophobic.

Contemporary Kids Room Storage Ideas

Contemporary kids room designs always seem to have storage options in check. They can be built-in, cube-shaped, or hidden. You can also choose to display the books and toys in an open shelving to make it a part of your kids room design.

Minimalist kids room by Specht Architects
Minimalist kids room by
Modern kids room by Daleet Spector
Modern kids room by
Shared kids room
Shared kids room via

A simple chest of drawers will do just fine in a girl’s room, while an open shelving with storage boxes and baskets are suitable for all types of kids rooms from nurseries to playrooms.

If these contemporary kids room designs are too sleek for your taste, then maybe you will find some inspiration in these romantic girls bedroom designs or these traditional boys rooms.