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Coiled Radiator from Adhoc – Ciussai

home radiator adhoc ciussai 2 Coiled Radiator from Adhoc – Ciussai
The stripped-back, industrial appeal of the Ciussai Radiator from Adhoc makes it ideal for those who like their style to always be fresh and unpredictable. Perfect for downtown loft living where original features combine with carefully thought-out modern elements, this coiled, metal-wire rope is truly remarkable. You can wind it up, move it around, stretch it and bend it to achieve a unique effect. It looks like a garden hose, and can be draped around a pole, suspended from a nail or draped over the floor. It’s also handy for drying laundry. Your guests will have to take a second glance, but they’ll certainly appreciate the flexible heating options the radiator gives. You can even place it on your bed to warm up the covers! Available now from Adhoc, Ciussai is a classic, creative design by Stefano Ragaini and Giorgio Di Tullio.
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home radiator adhoc ciussai Coiled Radiator from Adhoc – Ciussai