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French Pewter Countertops by Purcell Murray – hand-made metal countertops

purcellmurray french pewter countertops French Pewter Countertops by Purcell Murray   hand made metal countertops
[KBIS 2006 Reviews]
The same that have been used in French cafes and brasseries for centuries are now available from Purcell Murray and can be installed in your kitchen… These magnificent countertops are fabricated in Normandy, France and are built to last. The culinary Pewter is soft and durable, is simple to maintain and is resistant to chemicals. The counter-tops are hand-formed and hammered to bring elegance and sophistication to the kitchen. They are available in at least 7 edge styles. Learn all details about the Pewter tops at .



  • Geralyn Longoria

    I am currently working on a house in St. Leonard, Md and we are interested in finding out more information on your product. Thank you, Geralyn

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