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Bulb Lamp from ALT Lucialternative

altlucialternative lamp bulb 2 Bulb Lamp from ALT Lucialternative
A clever lighting idea – the Bulb Lamp is from ALT Lucialternative. It is a creative interpretation of a familiar shape, to add a modern focal point to your home. Show that you’ve got a sense of fun with the vivid red Bulb lamp – it is appropriate for any room in the home, from kitchen to bedroom. It’s also available in white, and looks great grouped together in clusters, as shown here. Designed by Mammini, Candido and Spoltore this Italian modern lighting illustrates playful European style. Illuminate your home with the novelty of Bulb – contact ALT Lucialternative.

altlucialternative lamp bulb 1 Bulb Lamp from ALT Lucialternative



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