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Wall Art Headboard Idea: Edgy Graphic

wall art headboard idea edgy graphic 1 Wall Art Headboard Idea: Edgy Graphic
Edgy, graphic wall art as a headboard idea is a sure way to instill some drama in your bedroom. This bedroom was designed by and featured at the Kips Bay decorator show house 2001. What is great about a headboard idea like this is that it can be very personal, tailor-made and therefore one of a kind. This is a very bold choice, show stopping, really. Pink is a good choice because it is usually a color associated with calmness and nurturing – appropriate for a bedroom. But the shades here and the content of the art piece really spices things up and adds a vivacious and daring dimension to the room. Of course, with a blown up photograph, or giant artwork, you are free to make the statement you want. But this one is quite mind-blowing.
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