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35 Unique Nightstand Designs That Will Enhance Your Bedroom

A nightstand is a seemingly minute decor accent, and it’s certainly not a proper storage unit, however, there are unique nightstand designs that can not only add to your bedroom’s look but will also be quite useful when it comes to keeping clutter at bay. From minimal boxes to expensive stone topped bedside tables – the market of nightstands is booming with ideas.

Unique Nightstand Designs

Lunis nightstand by Hulsta Werke Huls 900x675 35 Unique Nightstand Designs That Will Enhance Your Bedroom
Lunis nightstand by

Let’s start off with a simple rectangular model that will fit any minimalist home that leans towards Scandinavian decor. Lunis is a perfect alternative to an IKEA nightstand.

Its simple glossy shape looks nice, but a wooden open shelf takes it a another level. Simple and easy to decorate with.

BT 30.0 by Schramm Werkstaetten 900x675 35 Unique Nightstand Designs That Will Enhance Your Bedroom
BT 30.0 by

Another easy design that will fit any modern, contemporary, or industrial style home is BT 30.0 from Schramm Werkstätten. It’s cool and has no unnecessary details.

It probably won’t do, if you want to keep your things close, but it’s a perfect nightstand for those who doesn’t like fuss around their sleeping place.

Cluny nightstand by Meridiani
Cluny nightstand by

Cluny is also a minimalist’s dream. C-shaped wooden table with a shelf is all you need, if you love reading before bed.

It’s got a tiny drawer to keep tiny stuff like watches and jewelry, sparing space for a glass of water or a favorite book on the tabletop.

Cubic Nightstands

Segno nightstand by Riflessi
Segno nightstand by

Cubic nightstands are great when you need some storage space, but they don’t have to look plain. Here is an example of a great cubic nightstand.

Accommodating two drawers, this little thing can probably hold quite a few things. It also looks different from any typical nightstands in this particular shape.

I-Night bedside table by Presotto
I-Night bedside table by

A slightly twisted cube is still essentially a cube. Presotto created a modern take on a classic design, which takes form of the two crookedly stacked drawers.

The difference in tones also gives this nightstand a cool look. It’s almost as if it was made out of two stacked storage boxes.

Truck nightstand by Porro
Truck nightstand by

Porro combined a small cube and a rectangle together to create a more versatile bedside furnishing. One you can use for a night lamp, while the other can serve as a table.

It is not just for bedrooms, though. We can totally see it in a home office, housing a small archive and less immediate but no less important documents.

Glam Rock table by Reflections Copenhagen
Glam Rock table by

Many side tables, in fact, can be conversely used in bedroom decor. Take Glam Rock, for instance. It is a perfect addition to any girl’s bedroom – glitzy and fashionable.

The real beauty of these cubicles is that you can move and repurpose them whenever you feel necessary.

Rounded Edges

Passion nightstand by Presotto
Passion nightstand by

Since most of your run-of-the-mill nightstands come in a square or rectangular shape, most of them have dangerously sharp corners.

The designers are changing that to give the furnishings a more contemporary, even futuristic feel. Passion is a testament to their efforts.

Taolino night table by Cantori
Taolino night table by

This little guy looks like it was drawn from the 18th century sketch, but most of the detail got erased. And this is what gives it modernity.

We love the curling supports and the generally rounded form of this little night table that can look equally good in contemporary and neoclassical interiors.

Romeo nightstand by Casamilano
Romeo nightstand by

What has a more designing look than curved wood? Its pliability can truly surprise at times. Romeo seems like a fitting name for this sweet nightstand.

It’s everything a decorator, amateur or professional, wants in a nightstand – a drawer to hide clutter and a shelf to show off your reading.

Yndro bedside table by Silenia
Yndro bedside table by

Not only edges may be rounded. This nightstand comes in a circular shape, and it leans more towards futuristic than contemporary.

There is an advantage to this shape, as the modern soft fabric bed frames require something less strict than the usual wooden bedside furniture.

Bedside Tables

Jules de Nuit night table by Baxter
Jules de Nuit night table by

Night table isn’t just another name for a nightstand with drawers and all kinds of shelves. These are real furnishings you can use to enhance your bedroom decor.

Look at Jules de Nuit by Baxter. It’s a masterpiece of a furnishing, and it comes with a sweet little drawer. How cool is it?

Ring bedside table by Fratelli Longhi
Ring bedside table by

Another example of pure aesthetic pleasure is this little Ring table from Fratelli Longhi. Stone tabletop and a thick brass ring add a whole different vibe to it.

It will look equally fitting in a living room or in some tea corner paired with a modern lounge chair or an armchair.

Plane nightstand by iCarraro Italian Makers
Plane nightstand by

It may seem a bit too utilitarian for a bedroom, but the minimalist style will allow it. Look at just how thin and simple it is. It should spell Plain, in best kind of sense, of course.

There is a fully white option, and it looks a bit more nightstand-like simply because the wooden top instantly brings a whole slew of different connotations with it.

Punto bedside table by Caccaro
Punto bedside table by

Punto is simple but interesting enough to find place in a fashionable girl’s bedroom. It looks very similar to vintage women’s luggage.

The sliding bottom makes room for some storage, and light neutral tones are versatile enough to fit almost any color scheme.

Unique Nightstand Designs From the Future

Dimitri nightstand by Meridiani
Dimitri nightstand by

Futuristic designs are very popular right now, and fit well with the contemporary aesthetic. If you want your bedroom looking like a cabin of a spaceship, a futuristic nightstand will only add to that impression.

Dimitri is a cool choice because while it’s made in a shape or a rounded square, a diagonal line in the middle creates a different look altogether.

White Shell by Zanotta
White Shell by

White Shell really deserve its name, as it’s practically a hollowed out ball that somehow stays stiff and stable.

You can probably put a lamp on it, but all the stuff you don’t want to see scattered around your bedroom floor should go inside its basin.

Datejust nightstand by Atmosphera
Datejust nightstand by

Although it’s not white and glossy, Datejust has all the markings of a futuristic furnishing. Circular shape has got something to do with it.

It’s also a great option, if you don’t want your bedroom to look completely sterile and warmth-free in all-white color-scheme.

Christal bedside table by Dall'Agnese
Christal bedside table by

Christal, on the other hand, is that piece that will complete your spaceship bedroom, and state more clearly the theme you’re going with.

Its rounded shape and minimalist aesthetic really make it a perfect prop for a futuristic movie or photoshoot set.

Unique Nightstand Designs on Legs

Petite by Les iResistub
Petite by

Nightstands on legs are getting more popular, as people try to get away from the traditional shape and aesthetic of a boxy nightstand.

And these cool pieces look adorable. There’s just something romantic and vintage about them. Both black and white Petite can work in a single bedroom.

Velvet nightstand by Altinox Minimal Design
Velvet nightstand by

Velvet doesn’t have traditional legs, but those rounded supports, that copy the shape of a drawer, make it look lighter and yet more detailed.

Simple metal supports can really add to the look of an equally simple drawer. They also elevate it to the height of the bed.

Bel.Mondo nightstand by Arkof Labodesign
Bel.Mondo nightstand by

Bel.Mondo didn’t really need any extra pizzazz of metal to complement its 3D shape. It would look perfectly fine without them, albeit a few inches shorter.

It’s a real looker, and will add plenty of detail to any room. It looks especially cool in contrast with a soft bed frame, though.

LC53 nightstand by Letti&Co.
LC53 nightstand by

LC53 is more of a mid-century modern piece with its clear lines and simplicity of shape. Its legs make for an additional shelf, which is great for readers.

It may not be most representative as far as the unique nightstand designs go, but at least it’s something a bit different.

Unique Nightstand Designs Like Display Cases

Elumo II nightstand by Hulsta-Werke Huls
Elumo II nightstand by

Display cases in jewelry stores have a certain allure to them. Built-in lights illuminate their contents, and their shapes are made to equally attract attention only in a subtler way.

Elumo II is a sleek modern nightstand that will turn your bedroom into a showroom. A built-in light can help you find things quicker without disturbing sleep of others.

Gio bedside table by Poliform
Gio bedside table by

Gio truly takes this display case design to heart with a glass top and a black frame, though, opposed to a true display case, you can see half of the nightstand’s contents from the side too.

It has a pretty unusual shape as well, which is appreciable in the sea of cubes, circles, and rectangles.

BEDDO nightstand by IFT
BEDDO nightstand by

Beddo is another C-shaped nightstand that has a hidden drawer for reading glasses and various personal items.

Simple and modern, it will fit any bedroom. It may even serve as a side table in the living room or be your reading nook friend.

SAT Wall Lamp Table by Pietro Russo
SAT Wall Lamp Table by

Pietro Russo experimented a lot to create SAT wall lamp that is also a night table and an art display. Though it’s not a case, it can really light up any piece from your art collection.

Activated with a touch of a hand, it’s the most multifunctional night lamp/table we’ve ever come across.

Unique Nightstand Designs in Form and Function


Conico bedside table by Cantori
Conico bedside table by

Do you often feel like taking all the wearables off, and just crash into the welcoming embrace of your bed? Well, then you need a bucket.

We don’t mean an actual bucket, though. You can find a more elegant option in Conico that also has a mirror tabletop to help you really estimate how tired exactly are you.

Tin Table by Lounge Tek
Tin Table by

If you don’t mind a smashed can vibe coming from the Tin Table, it may also serve you as a place to cram all your weight of the day in before your face meets the pillow.

It has no mirror, but then again, what is a practical use for a mirror tabletop anyway? It has handles, so that you could bring it to the laundry with you.

EBO night table by Bontempi Casa
EBO night table by

Have you ever tried burning scented oils? This table resembles the lamps in which you’re supposed to do it. Turns out it’s a perfect shape for a nightstand.

You can use the concave surface (supposedly for oil) as a lamp stand, while the lower shelf (where a tea candle should be) can hold your books and magazines.

Afrodite pouf by Bolzan Letti
Afrodite pouf by

Poufs have more functions today than ever. They aren’t merely seats. You can use them as side tables, coffee tables, dining seats, and also nightstands.

Afrodite also has a hidden shelf, which suddenly turns it into a secret chest. It slides upwards with a slight push of a hand.

Unique Nightstand Designs with Luxe Lustre

Lapiaz nightstand by Boca Do Lobo
Lapiaz nightstand by

If something can be made, it can be made luxe. Boca Do Lobo specialize in creating not only luxurious but also unique nightstand designs and other furnishings.

Lapiaz comes with the brand’s signature golden leaf element that isn’t merely decorative but actually separates different drawers.

Diamond nightstand by Boca do Lobo
Diamond nightstand by

Another Boca Do Lobo piece is a black diamond-shaped nightstand that will truly become the crowning jewel of your bedroom design.

Accentuated with a golden base, this polygonal beauty looks like it’s made of a real diamond, and is one of the most unique nightstand designs outo there.

Grace leather bedside table by Caroti
Grace leather bedside table by

Grace isn’t just another bedside furnishing. Covered in leather and wood, it plays on the difference of not just materials but also textures and tactile perception.

Encased in a grey frame, this soft brown stand is a perfect addition to a masculine bedroom full of earthy neutrals and cold greys.

Ares bedside docking station by Bolzan Letti
Ares bedside docking station by

Ares may not look like its Boca Do Lobo counterparts, but it can definitely give you something else. How about a docking station for your phone and a fabric outer shell that is so non-typical for nightstands?

It’s hard to find more unique nightstand designs than these, but there is never a short supply of DIY tutorials, when the cash runs short.




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