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Tikin Table built with Hurricane Salvaged Tropical Woods

tikin table built hurricane salvaged tropical woods 1 thumb 630x419 29520 Tikin Table built with Hurricane Salvaged Tropical Woods

While all of Itz Mayan Wood Furniture is created from tropical woods salvaged after hurricanes and forest fires, what makes the Tikin Table – designed by Ania Wolowska, extra special is its shape. The curvilinear yet triangular tabletop takes its inspiration from surfboards and represents the aerodynamic form, rounded edges and perfect detailing from the boards themselves. While surfboards are fiberglass, these tables most certainly are not. Made from precious tropical woods such as Machiche (Black Cabbagebark), Katalox (Mexican Ebony), Granadillo, and Ziricote (Cordia dodecandra) all salvaged from the Mayan Jungle of southern Quintana Roo in Mexico, the table is available in two sizes.

tikin table built hurricane salvaged tropical woods 2 thumb 630x419 29522 Tikin Table built with Hurricane Salvaged Tropical Woods

An accent of elegance and style the Tikin table takes its tabletop shape from surfboards, but it’s the textures and patterns within the grain of the tropical woods that really make this statement piece shine.


The base of the Tikin Table consists of 3 perfectly turned legs and both the top and legs are hand made by master carpenters of Bacalar, Quintana Roo.


The table comes in two sizes that can easily be stacked for a space saving aesthetic. The two sizes are 1124Lx52Wx45H cm and 85Lx40Wx35H cm. The finish of the tables is Matt varnish.


Whether it’s the tropical wood, intriguing shape, salvaged aspect, or the quality of workmanship, these demur tables speak volumes and will make an awesome addition to any design aesthetic.




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