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Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves by Stuv – 3-position turning door rocks!

stuv stove stuv 30 use Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves by Stuv   3 position turning door rocks!
With the lazy, hazy days of summer behind us, Stuv introduces the contemporary wood burning stoves Stuv 30 just on time. These innovative wood stoves boast a patented 3-position turning door that allows for three different modes of operation:
– with the open-fire mode you can see “the flames dancing, hear the crackling of the fire and savour its delightfully fragrant aromas. A real touch of nostalgia for an ultra modern stove.”
– the glass-door mode give you complete safety with the benefit of full efficiency, still providing one of the most beautiful sights imaginable.
– finally, the closed-door mode ensures optimal efficiency of the wood burning stove, and thanks to an air-tight door, you can safely leave the stove burning through the night at a slow rate.
stuv stove stuv 30 in use Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves by Stuv   3 position turning door rocks!

Besides the patented rotating door, the Stuv 30 stoves offer even more energy-efficient and convenient features:
– add the optional grill and this stove not only adds ambiance and heats the home but it cooks your dinner too!
– “the smaller combustion chamber made of cast-iron maintains a temperature conducive to clean combustion.”
– the logs are positioned vertically which helps to concentrate the fire in the centre of the combustion chamber, which in turn helps with the efficiency.
– also, the stove is available in 5 different designs: free-standing, corner, built-in, wall-mounted and compact.
Is there anything this cool contemporary stove doesn’t do? For all the details visit .



  • William Montgomery b

    I would like more information on the contemporary wood burning stove by stub.
    Price, installation requirements.
    Thanks Bill

  • Nancy

    I’m looking for a compact wood burning stove for a small apartment- 700 sq ft. I want pricing and installation requirements – it will need to be installed by an interior wall. Does it have a built in fan?

  • Marshall Crutchfield

    I would like additional information on the contemporary wood burning stoves please…prices, installation, etc.
    Thank you

  • Cliff Lyter

    I would like information on price and installation requirements. Also where I made buy one. I live close to Boise,Id. I have a small house and this looks perfect.

  • Glenda Miller

    Looks great but, like everyone else is asking, what is the price? Length of burn time? (overnight)?

  • pauline smith

    Pricing , wall clearance, size, ash tray? etc

  • Joanne

  • Rhetta Greene

    I would like pricing info and installation requirements