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Roto Molded Furniture (rotomolded) for Outdoors by Qui est Paul?

qui est paul outdoor furniture organic 1 Roto Molded Furniture (rotomolded) for Outdoors by Qui est Paul?

Ultra-modern art takes to the outdoors with this unusual, sculptural roto molded furniture by Qui est Paul? If you’re not sure whether to sit on it, put something on it, or admire it from afar, then you’ve got the right idea. These sculptures-cum-furnishings boast most unusual shapes and a contemporary aesthetic that will set the tone for your chic, modern outdoors. The roto molded makes an ideal spot to kick back and relax under an open sky. It’s made with comfort first and foremost, followed (hot on its heels, we might ad) by a totally cool look and a palette of hot hues. Pool-side, in the garden or on the deck, these are the hotseat of the season! A , designed by Cedric Ragot, features rounded corners and a soft look ideal for your outdoor sitting area.

This by the same designer boasts the same look and a matching base for a coordinated al fresco living area. And what living room is complete with out a sofa? Indoors or out, this roto molded combines ergonomics, aesthetics and that cool factor that sets this furniture collection apart. All pieces are made of fully recyclable PE, and come in a palette of vibrant colors. For more information visit
qui est paul outdoor furniture ublo 1 Roto Molded Furniture (rotomolded) for Outdoors by Qui est Paul?