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Modern Wall Art That Will Transform Your Home

Modern wall art includes a very diverse range of things that are not necessarily paintings or photography. Today designers and decor enthusiasts alike prefer to reimagine and repurpose various objects as wall art, which results in very unusual decor solutions. From Juju hats to abstract watercolor prints – it’s the age of modern art. Time to get on with the times!

Digital Art Prints

Versatile digital art prints can find their place in any contemporary home. They immediately draw attention to the area, and help make any room look stylish and smart. Since they’re quite cheap as well as easy to DIY, it shouldn’t be hard to amass an entire gallery for your living room or home office.

Scandinavian Print by Dream Print Designs Modern Wall Art That Will Transform Your Home
Scandinavian Print by
 Modern Wall Art That Will Transform Your Home
Driftwood spoon display by
Watercolor wall art in a sitting room by Kerrie Kelly
Watercolor wall art in a sitting room by
Geometric Sydney Opera House Print by Studio Ush
Geometric Sydney Opera House Print by
Electric Objects Eo1

Anything can go to become a digital print. It doesn’t have to be an inspirational phrase or an animal. City skylines, drawings, and all kinds of natural elements will easily make for a good print.

Electric Objects is a firm that takes digital art to a whole new level. Their complex frames are, in fact, matte 23-inch, 1080p displays connected to Wi-Fi for displaying static and kinetic images. Any art you can find can hang on your wall. It can also change shapes and colors, mesmerizing with motion.

Graphic Minimalism

Modern digital prints are often minimalist, so it’s easy to use them in any type of interiors. Graphic illustrations that stand out can make for perfect wall decor in not only minimal interiors but also more elaborate rooms.

Sleeping eyes by Type Secret
Sleeping eyes by
Swiss Style Wall Art Prints by Cosmic Print
Swiss Style Wall Art Prints by
Modern hallway wall art
Modern hallway wall art via
Ebony Accent Wall and Modern Art by Vanessa DeLeon
Ebony Accent Wall and Modern Art by

Graphic prints are very suiting for contemporary style. They don’t attract too much attention or require ornate frames. You can hang them or keep on the floor or shelf, leaning against the wall.

If you want graphic minimalism with some meaning, it’s best to mix it up with photography. Be sure to stick to black and white photos, if your digital prints also have no color.

Photography Reimagined

Speaking of photography, there are many more modern ways to use it in decor. For instance, photo puzzles are not that uncommon. Print out a photo of choice in a big size, and put every piece of the puzzle into a separate frame. This will create an illusion of a window view.

Andrea Bazilus home office with a photographic wall
home office with a photographic wall
Beatriz Pascuali living room and home office
living room and home office
Nursery by Brian Patrick Flynn
Nursery by
Eclectic 3-D Wall Art by Susan Manrao
Eclectic 3-D Wall Art by

Photoshopped portraits and Polaroid arrangements make for interesting modern wall art. You don’t even need to use frames.

Mixing photography with graphic prints can be a great idea, because both benefit from this arrangement.

3D Wall Art

What can be more modern than 3D wall art? Here, we venture into an even bigger pool of ideas. Nothing is off limits. You can hang old tableware on your walls, if you want. From sculptural artistic creations to whatever you could fix to a wall – 3D wall art is a big way to step away from traditional aesthetic.

Minimal wall art
Minimal wall art via
Charcoal Bar Area by Joni Spear
Charcoal Bar Area by
GB Architecture house with 3D awall art
house with 3D wall art
Modern wall art by Design Platform
Modern wall art by
Metallic wall hanging in a bedroom by Erica Lugbill
Metallic wall hanging in a bedroom by


As you can see, 3D wall art is not only about 3D paintings. Here anything goes. Faux animal skulls are the latest trend in decor. They look especially great painted white.

Functional Wall Art

This immediately leads us to functional wall decor such as vertical gardens, wall lights, and even furniture. That last one is getting more and more popular.

Tiffany Brooks design with a green wall art
design with a green wall art
Sun Wall Art and Lighting Fixture by J&J Design Group
Sun Wall Art and Lighting Fixture by
Sculptural cabinet by Jeremy Zietz
Sculptural cabinet by
‘De-dimension_From 2D to 3D‘ by Jongha Choi
‘De-dimension_From 2D to 3D‘ by
Master bath by Angelica Henry Design
Master bath by

It’s not so much as to save space, but to make wall art more interactive. Though Jongha Choi’s chairs will definitely stay out of your way in a tiny apartment.

Interactive wall art is always an interesting thing to consider and experience, but if it’s also useful, surely no one would complain.

Wall Jewelry

If you’re not into functional art, then maybe fine modern wall art jewelry will tickle your fancy. Made out of metal, beads, and feathers, these gorgeous wall accessories are like bijouterie that completes your interior look.

Solar System Wall Art
Solar System Wall Art via
Sitting room by Erin Williamson
Sitting room by featuring modern wall art
Large 60 wall hanging
Large 60 wall hanging by

Many metallic compositions are like brooches, and should be used alone as a crowning accent of your interior outfit. Others are like decorative pins that can be mixed with some buttons and small frames.

Sculptural Modern Wall Art

It you want a truly museum vibe to your room, opt for wall sculptures that often have that ability to transform living spaces – big, artsy, and complex. Smaller statuesque pieces work great in arrangements that will turn your walls into 3D canvases.

Living room by Robin LaMonte
Living room by
Floral Wall Art by J.Allen
Floral Wall Art by
Sarah Barnard living room with sculpture wall art
living room with sculpture wall art
Statue wall art in an interior by Benedict August
Statue wall art in an interior by
Historical wall art by Taller Estilo Arquitectura
Historical wall art by

Wall sculptures aren’t just breathtaking, they can also help you solve the awkward wall space problem. Not every area can fit a framed artwork, but an oddly-shaped sculpture may be just what you need.

In interiors with low ceilings, paintings can look too boxed-in as well as accentuate the defect. A sculpture will be a much better fit.

Unconventional Wall Art

Modern wall art, as we mentioned before, can be anything these days. Take traditional African Juju hats, for example. These things are gorgeous, and make for incredible wall decor.

Juju hat wall art
Juju hat wall art via
Living Room by Joseph Cortes
Living Room by
Unique wall art by LGB Interiors
Unique modern wall art by
Driftwood spoon display by Shea, Inc.
Driftwood spoon display by
Framed vintage scarf
Framed vintage scarf via
Apartment mural by STUDIO3PLUS.jpg
Apartment mural by

Other things may include artistic wall murals, framed textiles, fabric paintings, and ornamental driftwood pieces. It’s just a matter of what you choose from this vertiginous abundance.

The beauty of such unconventional wall decor is that you can apply any of your craft skills to create something meaningful, and do it for free at that.

Sign Wall Decor

Decorating with signs has become very popular lately. Symbolic wall art that indicates the purpose of the room can be quite designing. Dining rooms and kitchens get the most of this treatment.

Modern wall hanging in a dining room by Kari Arendsen
Modern wall hanging in a dining room by
Abbe Fenimore office with modern wall art
office with modern wall art
WALLTAT Wall Decals
Wall Decal

Wall decals are the easiest of wall decorations. And they often come in symbolic designs like that cutlery sun above.

Light signs bring a certain atmosphere to the interior, but they also require proper installation and an electrical outlet.

Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art is the best option when you don’t know what you want to be depicted on our walls. From beautiful watercolor stains to spray paint extravaganza – contemporary abstract art delivers color in the most creative ways.

Lauren Coburn entryway with square wall art
entryway with square modern wall art
Abstract wall art in an interior by Kris Swift
Abstract wall art in an interior by
Home office by FLO Design Studio
Home office by
Blue contemporary dining room by Abbe Fenimore
Blue contemporary dining room by

Prints and paintings aren’t the only things you can hang on your wall of abstractions. Fabric canvases make for an easy DIY material to experiment on.

To truly take advantage of the modern wall art, explore options beyond frames. You’ll be surprised how many more decor ideas there are for making your walls unique.