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Living Room Storage Ideas That Will Make Clutter Dissolve

Living room storage isn’t something many people think long and hard about or even consider. But it just makes sense, especially if your living quarters are lacking spare space. Modern living room storage ideas are perfect for storing anything from display objects to seasonal clothes, books, gear, or anything you don’t really need to keep in your bedroom. And with space shrinking all the time, it’s a great way to keep things in order.

Modern Living Room Storage Ideas

There are many ways to go about it, depending on your needs and space availability. Built-in option is a very popular one right now, as it promotes the clean minimal aesthetic for contemporary interiors. Regardless of how big or small is your living room, it will look clean and spacious without mayhem around it.

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You have more options in open shelving that allows putting things on display, which is a great thing for things like books and personal collections.

Smaller variants include TV units that, too, offer plentiful storage space, which can be useful in creating your focal wall.

Shelving Storage

Shelving is the easier way to introduce a storage unit into the room. just pick a wall and stick it there. It also opens additional decorating options and can generally fill in space with some detail.

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They can look very different, so you can really shop around for your shelving system. And since it won’t take up too much space, you can really pick a size.

Living room storage walls look especially designing with open shelving. It instantly attracts attention and beckons to see what lives on its multiple surfaces.

Discreet Storage

With discreet storage that is barely noticeable, you get a whole different room experience. Its clean look gives the room that minimalist vibe undisturbed by a single thing that could constitute as clutter.

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Built-in storage is the easiest one to downplay. You can even make it almost disappear from view with clever door handles and overall design.

If solid walls make you yearn for some additional elements, a built-in shelf can break up the monotony of discreet storage and bring out some display features.

Modern Libraries

Modern home libraries have shrunken so much that they often share space with the living room. Since we store a lot of information in cloud space now, why waste all of that space for countless bookshelves?

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A single bookshelf can gather a pretty good collection of reading material, so take this opportunity to clean up your house and leave only the most revered reading on your shelves.

This also does a great job decor-wise, creating a sleek and smart look with a strong modern presence to it.

Storage Walls

Living storage walls can look differently. Shelving is only one – albeit very convenient – way to build it. Built-in shelves, bookcases, and entire storage wall divider systems work wonders keeping all the little stuff in one place, preventing clutter storm before it can ever reach any significant proportion.

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While many storage walls are purely functional, you can really use them as a design element. A floor-to-ceiling shelving system is great not only for show, it can also divide an open plan into more intimate zones.

Many TV entertainment units come with wall-sized storage, so if all else fails, this look is going to work for a long long time.

Shelves and More Shelves

Shelves can never go out of style. Use them wisely and they will serve you well. Built-in floating shelves always look nice and modern. You can even keep them empty, as Nook Architects suggest with one of their projects.

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Of course, if you want your shelves to keep a lot of things, you may simply need the ones that have more sections.

Again, here is where shelving (hanging or standing) can give you a lot of options both storage and decor-wise.

Unusual Storage Solutions

Living room storage solutions can surprise still if you care enough to look beyond the widespread ideas. It can be a glass cabinet, a ladder-like shelving unit, or something even more intriguing. There are truly many more ways to think about storage.

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Here, you can see a few contemporary maze-like shelf units that keep things interesting in living room decor. You can also take a cue from Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnętrzach and make your storage a colorful accent.

If the prospect of always knowing where to look for your stuff doesn’t excite you, maybe these modern living room storage ideas will manage to spark a passion for organization in you.