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Kitchen with Built-In Griddle Cooktop and Downdraft Vent by Rifra

fly kitchen collection rifra 30 45 deg angles 1 thumb 630xauto 48024 Kitchen with Built In Griddle Cooktop and Downdraft Vent by Rifra

The sleek contemporary design of Fly Kitchen by Rifra takes kitchen cabinetry to a whole new level, with its doors and sides shaped at a 45-degree angle – and the bottom of the countertop at a 30-degree angle.

fly kitchen collection rifra 30 45 deg angles 2 thumb 630xauto 48026 Kitchen with Built In Griddle Cooktop and Downdraft Vent by Rifra

The 30-degree profile on the countertops offer a free floating aesthetic that also showcases the 45-degree angles on the doors and sides.


Fly is available in 45 different matte or glossy lacquered color finishes as well as 11 varieties of wood and an exclusive cement finish.


Stainless steel countertops at the amazing 30-degree angle are available as are integrated Sholtes appliances.


Some of the integrated appliances that make this kitchen so sleek is the stovetop downdraft – completely hidden within the countertop until its needed. This totally eliminates the usual overhead obstruction created by a stove hood.


When venting is required a simple push of a button causes the downdraft to lift out of the counter – high enough to remove all unwanted cooking smells and vapors.


The downdraft venting is such a sleek and modern moment when its exposed that its almost a shame to hide it in the counter when not in use.


Another feature that makes this kitchen so functional is the organizational drawer components.


By integrating the appliances, the Fly Kitchen Collection is so sleek and sassy that you just want to reach out and touch it – or use it if you are the chef.




  • Barry Kapilow-Cohen

    The downdraft is beautiful but most building codes require that the fumes be either vented outside or use a recirculation unit to filter the fumes.
    Does this unit solve this problem with a self contained recirculating venting system??


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