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Hotel Bath Ideas for the Master Bedroom

Boutique hotels have taken boring traditionally elegant hotel rooms to a whole new level with creative design solutions, one of which is a luxurious freestanding bathtub almost in the center of the room. There isn’t a more direct way to make both your bedroom and bathroom stand out. Take a look at our collection of rooms full of hotel bath ideas you’d want in your master bedroom.

Crowning Jewel

A freestanding tub has a visually magnetic presence in the bedroom. It’s not that it looks completely out of place, but it’s certainly unexpected. Before, bathtubs used to stand right in the center of the room. It seems, this old trend looks pretty natural in a modern setting.

Kenshō Boutique Hotel Suites 900x667 Hotel Bath Ideas for the Master Bedroom
Boutique Hotel & Suites
Hotel Cal Reiet in Mallorca.jpg Hotel Bath Ideas for the Master Bedroom
in Mallorca
Barcelona apartment
Barcelona apartment via
Gorgeous hotel-like bedroom with a bathtub and fireplace
Gorgeous hotel-like bedroom with a bathtub and fireplace via

Whether you are building a contemporary villa or remodelling an old church or farmhouse, an oval freestanding tub would instantly add a magnificent design element to your sleeping chamber.

The rest of the amenities may be hidden behind a glass wall or simply divided through difference in flooring materials.

Behind Your Ear

Don’t want a tub? There is another way to make your bathroom more open. Simply tuck it behind the bed. This will keep it airy but also more discreet, if necessary.

Dupli Dos by Juma Architects
Dupli Dos by
B.O.G. Hotel, Bogota, Columbia
, Bogota, Columbia
Casa do Conto, Porto Mr Hudson
Casa do Conto, Porto
Paros Agnanti Hotel by A31 Architecture
Paros Agnanti Hotel by

This is a great way to save space, if you want to add a bathroom to your existing bedroom. All you need is a glass partition and appropriate flooring. The rest is plumbing work and equipment, which you shouldn’t be able to see.

It’s a great solution for those rooms that don’t have a full bath. A sink or two may easily be installed along one of the room’s walls.

In the Closet

Some hotel baths look like roomy closets. This is another great way to add a bath, when your bedroom has none. This one requires a bit more space, but there is a decorative advantage to it. You can really play with both door and bath interior design.

Met Hotel in Thessaloniki
in Thessaloniki
‘Kameha Grand Zurich’ hotel by Marcel Wanders
‘Kameha Grand Zurich’ hotel by
NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky
Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky
Contemporary apartment in Moscow by Aleksei Nikolashin
Contemporary apartment in Moscow by
Soho House — Istanbul, Turkey
 Istanbul, Turkey

If you can’t help surrendering space in your bedroom for a bath, this is a great way to do it. Of course, if your room becomes too small, glass bath doors are in order.

In order to sacrifice as little visual space as possible, consider mirroring your bath closet.

Inside the Glass

Hotel bath ideas almost always involve glass. Glass boxes, partitions, and doors make it easier to keep the room open and spacious. You may nick this trick for your own bath, and enclose your tub in a life-sized fish tank, if you don’t like the idea of water vapors spreading all over your beautiful bedroom.

Attic bedroom and bath with sauna
Attic bedroom and bath with sauna via
Mila Design Penthouse 7 at 4 Midtown, Miami, Florida
Penthouse 7 at 4 Midtown, Miami, Florida
Zash Country Boutique Hotel
Country Boutique Hotel

Glass isn’t just practical, it can also look beautiful enough. Its greenish or bluish tints make for a gorgeous layer inside an interior.

It will also help natural light travel easier to and from the bathroom, depending on where your windows or skylights are located.

Adjoined Effort

Fully adjoined bedrooms and baths look immensely luxurious. Imagine that your bathroom vanity is the dividing element between your bed and your tub, but each and every zone flows freely into one another.

Adjoined bedrooom and bathroom
Adjoined bedroom and bathroom
 Casa Cook resort in Rhodes
resort in Rhodes
Wisergut Hotel, Austria
, Austria
House in Tel Aviv by Neuman Hayner Architects
House in Tel Aviv by

Big converted spaces are especially appropriate for this kind of layout. You may just need a little bit of walled off space for the toilet.

It’s customary to also divide areas with elevated floor space, which you can see in Wiesergut Hotel, Austria.

Half Walls

Half walls became popular thanks to boutique hotels. While they do separate spaces, they also leave plenty of airy between the zones. It is way better than walling off an entire room, creating small boxes in its place.

Rangr Studio Broadway Loft
Broadway Loft
Amagansett Dunes by Bates Masi Architects
Amagansett Dunes by
Residence renovation by Substance Architecture
Residence renovation by
Hotel Miss Clara by Nobis Yellowtrace
Hotel Miss Clara by

This layout allows creates a sense of openness in both bath and bedroom. You can easily go and see beyond walls.

There are many ways to use these half walls. Some designers simply equip them with a vanity and sinks, while others prefer to turn them into shower stalls.

Transparent & Clear Hotel Bath Ideas

Glass bathroom maybe too deprived of privacy, but since bedrooms are pretty discreet themselves, why not indulge in a beauty of marble or whatever other materials your bath interior is made of.

The House Hotel Nisantasi
The House Hotel
Waterhouse South Bund by Neri & Hu
Waterhouse South Bund by
Hansar Bangkok Hotel
Hotel Sahrai Morocco

If you still don’t feel comfortable with a glass bathroom, you may simply supplement it with curtains, which you can shut and retract whenever needed.

You may also choose to have a solid retractable wall or door that would wall off the entire bath.

Sleek & Modern

If you’re after modern hotel bath ideas, glass is even more important than all the marble in the world. It’s simply the most contemporary material we can think of.

in Paris
Miss Clara Hotel by Gert Wingårdh
Miss Clara Hotel by
Concrete bath by OOOOX
Concrete bath by
Santa Marta Hotel

One of its advantages is that it can also be quite opaque. Smoked and tinted glass may help you in creating a sleek bath design without compromising privacy.

Mirrored glass is the best for smaller bedrooms, where you want to have a little more space or you feel it may benefit from light reflection.

Frames, Screens, & More Glass

There is nothing more stylish than a framed shower stall in the bedroom. It looks both modern and vintage at the same time, and it’s simply cool.

1 Hotel, Central Park
1 Hotel, Central Park via
The PuYu Hotel and Spa
The PuYu Hotel and Spa via
Beautiful bedroom bath
Beautiful bedroom bath via
The Serras Hotel Barcelona by Eva Martínez
The Serras Hotel Barcelona by

Both frames and screens have lots of decorative potential, so if you aren’t a fan of contemporary sleek, go with these ’cause you won’t regret it.

These thick black steel frames have some undeniable charm about them. No wonder they are so popular in modern interior design.

Shower Cubicles

Hotel bath ideas have long evolved beyond simple glass cubicles and shower stalls, but you can’t deny that they can look rather cool. A shower stall beside the bed is a very hotel look, but there is nothing bad about it.

Mamilla Jerusalem Hotel 5
citizenM Schiphol extension
citizenM Schiphol extension by
Puro Hotel in Gdansk, Poland
Puro Hotel in Gdansk, Poland via

There are ways to be creative about it as well. Just take a look at the Puro Hotel’s translucent shower stall with a privacy pattern. It looks amazing.

Special Cases

Many hotels take great risks with interior design to attract clientele to their rooms. Thus, hotel bath ideas can be so unexpected and fresh right now. Take note of some of the examples below. Residence in Franeker has a storage wall between the bedroom and bathroom, where there stands a vintage tub to complement stone sinks mounted to the wall’s shelves. Brilliant!

Refugi Lieptgas by Georg Nickisch + Selina Walder
Refugi Lieptgas by Georg Nickisch + Selina Walder via
Residence in Franeker by TANK
Residence in Franeker by
Caro Hotel, Spain
, Spain
POD Hotel in Cape Town
in Cape Town

Contemporary hotel bath ideas may be expensive to realize, but they are so much fun. If you are building your own home, you may at least want to give them a second of consideration. We’re pretty sure, you wouldn’t want to go back to the more traditional thing.