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Home Surrounds Open Sky Courtyard Leading to Rooftop Garden

House V3 by F64 Architekten is a minimalist one storey home with secret. Shaped like a cube the house appears to be void of any interesting details, but that all changes when you go inside and are exposed to the stunning open sky courtyard complete with a terrace and garden area and as if that weren’t enough, the courtyard has a set of stairs that leads up to a donut shaped roof garden completely invisible from street level.

1 home open sky courtyard rooftop garden thumb 630xauto 66307 Home Surrounds Open Sky Courtyard Leading to Rooftop Garden

Located in Kempten, Bavaria, House V3 was a large family property with a 60s style house that did not suit the owner’s contemporary lifestyle. F64 Architeckten where approached to design a new home for the property that would be flooded with natural light and was insulated with vacuum insulation for high performance energy balance.

2 home open sky courtyard rooftop garden thumb 630xauto 66309 Home Surrounds Open Sky Courtyard Leading to Rooftop Garden

The final design is a concrete cube set into a large grassy area with large rectangles of windows sporadically placed within the exterior walls.


The square footprint of House V3 made it possible to wrap all the interior rooms around a central open sky courtyard.


While not obvious from the outside, House V3 includes a large amount of glazings, which have all been triple glazed to retain heat in the winter and keep the interior zones cool in the summer.


The entry to the home and a garage are set into a void within the concrete shell.


The entry void has been exacerbated with its dark tonality contrasting to the light wash on the rest of the house.


The entry opens to a foyer with a hall on the right that leads to the social zone and a stairwell directly ahead that leads to a lower level.


The stairwell features an elliptical cut out with a peekaboo view to the open sky courtyard beyond.


Oak cladding in the elliptical cut out frames the peek-a-boo view.


A short hall separates the stairwell from the courtyard.


On the other side of the courtyard is the dining area with the living room to the left and the media room to the right.


From every direction the courtyard is the focal point.


The dining room is one area that has floor to ceiling glazings on both sides of it.


The master suite and ensuite is positioned behind the home office, next to the media room. While it does not have a view of the courtyard, it does open to a private section of the garden.


The stairs within the courtyard lead to the west facing roof garden.


The roof garden offers a birds eye view of the neighborhood, and of the courtyard below.


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With today’s families wanting a direct connection to the outdoors while still maintaining privacy, hiding a private courtyard centrally is becoming more and more common and even homes that do not have open sky courtyards are creating the illusion of one with a faux courtyard inside the house.




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