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Chic House With Curving Two-Story Patio

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Built just blocks from the beach on the Spanish resort island of Mallorca, this leisure-oriented house designed by Signature Estate’s Thomas Midzielski von Kachel presents an impressive blend of styles and amenities. Incorporating two dedicated outdoor entertainment spaces, each with a different personality, the property also includes a pool and spacious yard to place as much living outside as possible. Ascending or descending through the dwelling both inside and out, the color scheme differs distinctly between its two levels. On the ground floor, a stone pattern covers the exterior walls, and most of the patio furniture and cues follow the theme of warm, natural tones. Up top, however, a smooth white exterior signals ultramodern design flair characterized by a black and white design motif and metallic surfaces.
While the home’s outdoor focus and vacation location leads to the inclusion plenty of glass area on both levels in its design, there is still a significant effort made by the architects to preserve the privacy of those staying within. The master suite, for example, has windows along its bathroom but is protected from prying eyes by the angular architecture of the home surrounding its exterior deck. The entire bottom floor is surrounded by a row of chest-height bushes to isolate it from below, while the girth of the level above it helps to obscure the view from that direction. Natural light enters the house from all directions by day, but openings are optimized to provide sun and views without sacrificing on comfort and privacy. While the house is centered around outdoor life, measures are taken to protect its residents from neighbors or passers-by once inside.

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The driveway’s grid pattern allows grass to grow up through it over time on its upper portion, leading smoothly down to a garage below the house on the lower section. The overall architecture and landscaping of the house is a blend of contemporary and mid-century cues, which continues to the interior.


The home is divided aesthetically into two distinct sections, separated by elevation. the lower level is smaller and stone-clad, with warm design cues which accent the natural colors of its exterior. On the top, black and white furnishings supplement the smooth white outside walls and black window frames.


The largest single stretch of windows bordering any private room of the house is along this side, where the master bedroom and bathroom on the top floor share a deck with a wide overhanging roof and glass railings.


Inside the bushes and barriers at the edge of the property, a cleanly defined grass lawn serves as an open-format social space beyond the walls of the house. A stand of palm trees forms a focal point for the yard, roughly in line with the two outdoor patio decks of the dwelling.


The furnishings and fixtures of the lower patio deck are reminiscent of the finish of the home’s first floor in general, with natural materials and tones dominating the space. The first-floor outdoor social space serves as a more intimate counterpart to the entertainment space above, with two seating areas and a well-fitted outdoor kitchen.


With direct access to the front yard and a warm color palette, the lower patio gives the impression of being a more personal gathering place than the wider deck above. Most furnishings are constructed of wood, treated to be resistant to the weather.


The boundaries of the upper deck are formed by the only curving section of the home’s architecture and mirrored above by an ornamental roofline which doesn’t actually contain any skyward obstruction. The elevated living area is surrounded on all non-interior sides by the same glass railings which are used next to the master suite.


The decor on the upper deck is in keeping with the theme of the second floor overall, featuring a much heavier reliance on metal furniture construction, modern lines, and a greyscale array of colors.


The residence sits just a few blocks from Mallorca’s coastline, and features astounding views of the ocean and other portions of the island far away.


Through a retractable glass window wall, you can freely move between the upstairs patio and the main living area of the house, integrating the two into a single large social space on good weather days.


Inside, flush-mounted appliances and right-angle designs signal modernism while well-known furniture designs and lighting fixtures show signs of 1950s influence in the decor. It’s all brought together by a smart layout and common, mostly white, color scheme.


The room’s flooring is composed of large square stone tiles, with area rugs providing definition to the living and eating areas contained within.


At the other end of the level, another midcentury seat and two display pieces occupy the cutout space between two walls, where four thin windows give a tall profile to the space.


In the kitchen, a mirrored counter backsplash gives the impression of a larger room. All the appliances here were chosen to have as few protruding handles or buttons as possible, fitting smoothly into the countertops and cabinetry.


Open shelving to the right of the kitchen’s sink adds an element of public display to the room for small artistic pieces, while essential cleaning products and cookware are kept in closed cabinets beneath the counter.


Down on the bottom floor, this spacious guest bedroom boasts direct access to the lower deck, with a simple built-in curtain assembly providing a solution to any privacy concerns arising from its location. The color scheme here is warmer than above, incorporating beige and wood elements similar to the colors of the exterior.


On the top floor next to the living room, an expansive master suite offers a more white-dominated composition of colors than the guest bedroom, and a more open floorplan as well.


The master suite includes a dedicated sitting area to one side, complete with an Eames chair with an ocean view, perfect for relaxed reading.


On the other side of a central dividing wall (but not separated from the bedroom by any solid barrier), the master bathroom comes complete with two personal sink basins, a large walk-in shower with glass walls, and an elegant freestanding tub with floor-mounted faucets.


From the bathroom, the homeowners can access a large walk-in closet and storage area at the interior side of the room. Though the bathroom shares window space with the bedroom, a curtain can be drawn over that surface each morning to protect the privacy of those within.


The sink basin mimics the room’s tub, appearing almost entirely freestanding and bowl-like. Like the tub, too, the faucets are mounted directly into the home’s structure instead of as a part of the basin.





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