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12 Bar Cart Designs for Entertaining in Style

Bar Carts (also known as Tea Trolleys) are making a huge come back in interior design, thanks in part to their mobile capabilities. With this new surge in interest, the modern trolleys make entertaining in style easy and fun. Now when friends, co-workers or family drop by, serving snacks, coffee, tea or even an alcoholic beverage on one of these stylish bar carts is effortless and maybe even fun. Read on for coolest ideas and sources.
miras float copper bar cart 12 Bar Cart Designs for Entertaining in Style
Some bar cart designs go with a specific kitchen such as this by Miras. While it is a match for the Miras Float series, on it’s own it is a stand out design that would look gorgeous in any home environment.

miras float kitchen bar cart 12 Bar Cart Designs for Entertaining in Style
I love the copper tray in this design, especially the way it is pierced by the cart’s third leg. Source
The Circa Bar Cart by Roost for is a flat pack design of recycled aluminum with a wood handle. That means it takes up less room in shipping and upcycles what otherwise might have ended up as waste aluminum making Circa Bar Cart an uber chic earth friendly design.
have named their bar cart design “McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon”. It’s named after one of the oldest bars in NYC “McSorley’s Old Ale House”.
The wheels on this portable bar are opposing designs of solid and open just as the colors are feminine pink and masculine dark grey and the top is natural stone and oak wood while the framework is man-made black steel. This yin and yang design is a limited edition.
This rolling bar cart is called Come As You Are and is available through . Designed by Christophe de la Fontaine, the powder coated steel frame and tempered glass composition makes you think you are seeing things in triplicate, but don’t worry you actually are.
Who doesn’t love a great minimalist design, especially when it packs a graphic punch like the Chariot by .
Produced for , the Chariot cart comes in MDF or oak wood joined to a metal frame that is also the handle.
The super-sized wheels on the Chariot mobile table have a rubber profile that has been inserted into them for ease of movement, so much fun and yet so functional.
The super contemporary and very geometric JZ Tea Trolley by Jorge Zalszupin is available in a variety of FSC certified woods and steel. Available through .
With concrete being one of the materials of choice these days, it was inevitable that someone would design and create a concrete bar cart and that is exactly what did.
This dainty trolley is a 1968 design called the Steel Pipe Drink Trolley. Designed by Shiro Kuramata, the foundation has re-released the bar cart through .
If you love Lucite, and I do, this Jonathan Adler is the one for you.
Jonathan Adler also has a more glam, antiqued brass cart called the . He still incorporates a little Lucite in this design via the handles and with those four horse heads I don’t know which of his two bar carts I like better!
If you are a fan of mid century designs West Elm has the cart for you. Made from FSC certified wood the has a eucalyptus wood base and walnut veneer.
West Elm also carries a vintage deco style that is a small, easy to tuck into any space design.
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