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Analog Table and Drop Chair: Republic of Fritz Hansen

analog table and drop chair by jaime hayon 1 thumb 630xauto 38777 Analog Table and Drop Chair: Republic of Fritz Hansen

The Analog table, by Jaime Hayon, and the Drop chair, by Arne Jacobsen, are on the menu at Republic of Fritz Hansen. And we think they look fantastic together! The upscale UK design store is actually reintroducing the iconic Drop chair – which was designed mid-century, while the Analog table is brand new. The Drop chair is highly contoured – almost egg like. It certainly screams Eames-era. And it pairs wonderfully with this elegant table. Jaime Hayon wanted to design a table that was functional yet striking in design and he’s done just that. Note the clever positioning of the legs, on an angle, so there’s more leg room. How smart is that? And perfectly at home in the home or office – a dining room table, a kitchen table, or a boardroom table. He wanted a table that emphasized the connection between people – and the Analog was born. The name reminds us that human interaction is important in this digital age – and what better place to interact than at the table – sitting in a comfortable chair?

analog table and drop chair by jaime hayon 2 thumb 630xauto 38778 Analog Table and Drop Chair: Republic of Fritz Hansen

The Analog table is available in two sizes – a six-person table or an eight-person table.


There are a wide variety of table top and finish choices for the Analog.


The table legs are angled, to allow more room for your legs.


More information: Republic of Fritz Hansen



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