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10 Best Tree like Bookshelves

Forget boring storage, we love these designer bookshelves resembling trees and branches, for style-savvy kids and adults alike. These shelves are great for small spaces, taking your stuff off the floor and organizing it on what is typically wasted space – the wall! Offering an interesting way to store and display your collections, this stylish storage solution has as much fashion cred as it does function. We love the organic inspiration behind these bookshelves, each with its own distinctive style spin.

tree like bookshelves olivier dolle 1 thumb 630x479 13978 10 Best Tree like Bookshelves

1. Tree Branch Bookshelf by French designer Olivier Dolle
The Tree Branch Bookshelf by French designer Olivier Dolle is an ideal piece for small spaces. By bringing your books up onto the wall, it leaves the limited floor space free for furniture and traffic. Bonus – this branch was designed to work with your room’s corners! Extending out from the edge and horizontally along the wall, books align like birds perched overhead. Available in American walnut, natural oak and black wood. Visit for more info.

tree like bookshelves designartist shawn soh 2 10 Best Tree like Bookshelves

2. Tree Bookcase by designArtist Shawn Soh
is the creator of this cool, cartoon tree bookcase, executed in green coated metal with a playful illustration like edge. We like the idea of displaying stuffed animals and toys in a kids’ room. This bright bookshelf is a fun, lively element, even with its branches bare. Visit for details.


3. Collect green bookcase by Ole Jensen from Normann
Any bookworm will love this geometric take on the evergreen tree, designed by . Splashed in a vibrant spring green hue, its branches take shape as square and triangular sections, waiting to be filled with your cherished collectibles. This tree shelf would make a great addition to a hobby room, both for its playful look and its compartmentalized composition, which are perfect for organizing your arts and crafts supplies, toys, bits and bobs. Available at .


4. Sophisticated tree bookshelf
This tree bookshelf boasts a slim, sophisticated silhouette done in a neutral, natural finish that echoes its earthy inspiration. Comfortable in a dark den or library, home office or a living room, this puts all your essential reading materials on display and easily at hand.


5. The Wisdom Tree by Jordi Mila
Now, here’s an unusual, unnatural take on the tree, speaking to both its curving silhouette and its glossy, bold color. The designed by Jordi Mila features distorted branches that twist and turn in all directions, offering large and small spots to stash your stuff. Aside from its practical purpose, this shelf also makes a great conversation piece. Contact to place an order.


6. Y shaped Yule bookshelf from Behance
The Yule bookshelf from Behance gets its signature shape from its name, a tall “Y” stretching from floor to ceiling and harnessing unused storage space when walls aren’t available. By concentrating your collections vertically and overhead, this smart storage solution is perfect for open concept homes and small spaces. Aside from adding storage space to an open layout, the Yule bookshelf also can be used as a divider in open areas. For more information visit .


7. Blue branch bookcase by Roberto Corazza
The Tree Bookcase by Roberto Corazza is out of this world. The bright blue hue is a perfect complement to its electrified branches artificially protruding every which way, much like a stick figure drawing. The trick to a cool looking display is to balance your objects and the empty spaces within this striking shelving unit.


8. Squared storage tree
The inspiration behind this widely branching wood bookshelf is clear, but we love the designer’s modern twist in the form of squared off boughs and branches to form the shelf components, harking back to the more traditional concept of a bookcase. The space at the base of this tree is left clear, creating a great spot for kids to gather ’round at story time.


9. Twenty First Winter Tree
The Twenty First Winter Tree makes a great addition to any contemporary living space. The modern design looks great paired as a black and white duo, these matching bookshelves providing an artistic yet functional way to display your library of books or collections of curios. Check them out by visiting .


10. Booktree by industrial designer Kostas Syrtariotis
The by industrial designer Kostas Syrtariotis is a slim and tall design that brings order to your every day chaos. These mirror image tree bookshelves can be lined up in a neat little row, or mounted solo to bring organization and an organic element to any home. The Booktree is made of solid wood, and comes in four finishes: white lacquered, natural ash, tineo and ebony. Additional info is available by visiting .



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